Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey it's mike again. To follow up my last post with a relevant example, i was walking down the street, and saw the most ADORABLE little girl, playing in a fountain in just her panties. I was going absolutely crazy. Parents don't realize what things like this do to us. What if they ran around in underwear?? They'd better be expecting people to look. well it's absolutely no different with their little girls. It just puts everyone in a bad position. It's like putting cocaine in front of an addict...what do you think he's going to do??? I had to settle for going home and taking care of business, but still. Anyways, today i just want to briefly touch on when i discovered i was a pedophile. Looking back, i've always have an attraction to little kids, but one summer when i was 13 we were at my aunts house, and one of my cousins and me were down in the basement. She was 5, so i definitely knew i shouldn't be messing with her. Anyways, she would jump on me, jump on my lap, and it got to the point i couldn't take it anymore. I just started touching her beneath her dress, and she didn't object. I got scared she'd tell after awhile, so i stopped, but i knew from that day on something was wrong with me. This fear of being caught has kept me from ever doing anything like that again. But i promise you, if i had the chance to do it, knowing i would never ever be caught, i would. Unfortunately, i believe in a God up above, so that chance doesn't exist for me.


Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello. My name is Mike. Yes, that is my real name. No i won't give my last name or where i live. I can tell you this though. I am a pedophile. I always have been. This blog is intended to give you insight into a pedophile's mind, straight from the source. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about us. The most important thing to know is that i wouldn't wish this on anyone. We are stuck with emotions we cannot use or indulge, because society will cast us out with the garbage. The same urges any average guy gets when they see an attractive woman?? I get those at the sight of a child. There is nothing as sexy as a little girl, and to see them walking around and to know that they are off limits is pure torture. I did not choose to feel like this. I would give anything to be normal...anything. I have never hurt a child, and if i have my way i never will. The temptation is great, and it's always there. I am forced to look online for pictures, and let my fantasies take me away. If i can give you a closer look into just what it is to be a pedophile through this blog, my goal will be complete. I hope you enjoy reading this.